Note from Staff: We read books.


At the Social Consumer, we recognize the value of preserving and documenting key moments and developments in the various mutations of street culture. We hope an on-going review of key books that inform and enrich our understanding of “street,” will prove a useful tool for others interested in learning more about and contributing to dialogue within the culture.

Books related to streetwear, street art, sneakers, music (especially punk, hip-hop, urban break beat), textiles, and Arsenal football club are our priority, but we will not hesitate to include any other valuable resource. Additionally, films that relay elements of the culture will find a home in this section. As always, we accept recommendations and submissions.

For reviews, we ask that you please begin by listing the book in the following format for consistency: John Smith. Title of Book. New York: Basic Books, 2000. ISBN 0-01-567890-8.

Note from Jeff to Nick: Fuck Arsenal. Blues 4 life.

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